A Guide to Dating English Antique Clocks

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More About This Title A Guide to Dating English Antique Clocks


This detailed overview provides a unique visual record, as well as collated information, to help dealers and collectors date English clocks by their case styles. Using examples from the famous Wetherfield collection—the greatest collection of entirely English domestic clocks ever made by a private collector—a beautiful range of accompanying photographs depicts the whole range of designs. The longcase series is very representative, and to fill gaps in the historical record of bracket (table) clocks, a series of style drawings is provided. Additionally, the book specifically deals with dating a clock by its movement, dial, and case, with guidance on "improvements" and "marriages," when a case and a movement do not belong to each other. There are also notes on the makers represented, neatly rounding off this must-have for all antique clock aficionados or those considering bringing their clock onto Antiques Roadshow.


Eric Bruton's previous books include The Wetherfield Collection of Clocks and The History of Clocks and Watches Handbook.