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Spirit Home is the new spiritual compass that leads readers to a new way in de-mystifying spirit and finding the answers to why we are here. The journey toward this truth of life (the why’s) is the sacred pathway we traverse each day. Through the keyhole of anecdote and description, Perkinson uses the metaphor of a train to lay the foundation to a spiritual path for those it has eluded and for those who need a re-birth. Regardless of the word—God, Universe, or Jesus—Spirit Home brings that concept out of the sky and into your heart and your daily train of life. Through forgiveness and love we find that ancient key to the doorway is here.


Ruth Perkinson lives in Richmond, Virginia and is a student of A Course in Miracles. Through her life experiences as a teacher, a spiritual seeker (and finder), and an advocate for the underdog, Perkinson has written six books. With a degree in English Education from Virginia Commonwealth University, she also guides a writers’ group called the Featherstone Writers. When she isn’t working part-time at St. Thomas’ Church, she is writing, dog walking or meditating on thoughts that inspire her.