Come Rain or Shine

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In Faversham, Kent, in 2003, the highest ever temperature in the UK was recorded: a blistering 38.5 °C (101.3 °F). The word "blirty" in Scotland describes "gusts of wind and rain." The weather is a subject that the British simply cannot leave alone, and for good reason—it’s likely that for more than half the year they will experience at least three seasons in one day, so there’s always plenty to talk about. This charming miscellany, as wide-ranging and unpredictable as the weather itself, is filled with curious historical facts, amazing statistics, and fascinating anecdotes that will keep you entertained come rain or shine!


Storm Dunlop is an author and translator whose books on astronomy and meteorology have been translated into 23 languages. His extensive published works include Collins Gem Weather, How to Identify Weather, and Wild Guide Weather. He is a Fellow of both the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Meteorological Society and tutor at Chichester College of Arts and Sciences.