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More About This Title Antiartists


What do you do when you don’t know who you are, when who you thought you were, who you thought would become, is destroyed? This is the story of young man, Chris, seeking an identity after the seemingly catastrophic collapse of his life, seeking what it means to be a creator, and, ultimately, seeking a glimpse of hope and recovery after a rock-bottom event.
During his search, he comes to the conclusion that instead of creating beauty for an ugly world, he wants to destroy beautiful things. Because of his background and education in art, Chris knows of a secret: Michaelangelo’s David has a fatal flaw, a weakness that if struck correctly would shatter the marble into fragments. What will Chris and his newfound group of society’s rejects do with this knowledge?

Antiartists is both bleak and darkly comic, playful and serious. It is about broken people doing broken things, and about trying to find a reason to carry on when there seems no escape from the downward trajectory of one’s life. It is, in the end, about redemption and hope, about finding a way to keep living when everything seems lost, about finding a light in the darkness. It is the story of an outsider coming to terms with his differences. This story is ultimately about believing, once again, that it is worth carrying on - that even after seeing rock bottom, life can be beautiful again.


Life is hard, isn’t it? But it’s also survivable. Ralph Pullins has written a painful and honest story that is a must read for anyone suffering from any addiction, and, I think, especially for those who don’t understand addiction, but are living near someone who is suffering from drugs, alcohol, or whatever that destroys.
Beyond the value this book provides to those experiencing addition, it holds value in that it captures the feelings of men who believe they should be doing more, but have lost their way. This is a common issue that creates guilt and confusion, and this is yet another reason this novel holds value. It will increase the understanding of young men who are lost.
Good stories help us to understand other lives, and they help us to understand ourselves. Antiartists helps us understand both. This story captures our time. It is a must read.