The Piano Factory

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Jimmy Reilly has always protested his innocence, and Jeremy Scott, his lawyer, has always believed him. He’s convinced that the case against Reilly will collapse, that he’ll leave court as a free man. But there’s a loophole in the law, and Reilly falls right through it. Even the jury is stunned by what they, unwittingly, have done to him. Yet persistently denying the charges, he is denied any help. Scott, furious at the failings of his own profession, steps outside its parameters to investigate the case himself—and slides straight into a world that both mirrors and mocks the judicial system. A parallel universe populated by cops, ex-cons, and court reporters—people who, for a price, will “fix” cases of child abuse and sexual assault. And other people who pay that price with their lives.


Jeremy Scott is used to the vagaries of the courts, but when one of his clients is found guilty on the basis of political correctness rather than facts, Scott steps outside the bounds of his own profession to seek justice.