The Lazy Girl's Party Guide

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The Lazy Girl's Party Guide is a naughty but nice guide to being a party animal. Packed with all the information you'll ever need for the party season, including an exercise plan to get into that dress, tips on how to work a room and most important of all, how to feel good the morning after the night before. Aimed at party girls who party hard, but don't want to look like they do, this guide also covers health tips, beauty pointers and flirting and sex tips. Read it and learn how to: Throw a great party; Get in shape with a 4-week little black dress exercise plan; Look good without trying; Flirt your way to success; and Survive the party season. Crammed full of quick, easy and simple tips, plus an A-Z party survival guide—read The Lazy Girl's Party Guide and you will have all the tools you need to look great and keep partying.