The Ultimate Holistic Health Book

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In this complete natural healing guide, Dr. Deborah McManners draws on the best of integrative medicine and her twenty years' experience to help you to achieve total and lasting health, overcome fatigue and illness, and delay the ageing process. This accessible and inspiring text is based on integrative medicine and the "Triangle of Good Health": nutritional, physical and emotional balance, and well being. It combines nutritional medicine, homeopathic approaches, relaxation, and stress-relief techniques with conventional medicine to give the best possible advice. The book includes: questionnaires to give insights, understanding, and practical advice; programs for maintaining optimum health and delaying the ageing process—devised for your sex, age, and fitness level; simple healthy eating guidelines to build reserves and treat specific conditions; as well as hard facts about how environmental factors could be affecting your health.


Dr. Deborah McManners is a doctor, a health guru, and a columnist.