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Providing the first-ever companion to the famed exhibition, this multifaceted catalog reflects the achievements of French painter and sculptor Robert Combas. At once chronological and thematic, the study dives headfirst into the artist’s universe, journeying through his oeuvre from the 1970s to the present and exploring the diverse elements of his rich and abundant work: women, religion, death, conflict, and more. The end of the 1970s is highlighted, illustrating the Free Representation movement the artist cofounded, which drew from popular culture reviews, media, and assorted genres in music. Combas’s value of freedom is expressed through the multiplicity of his various subjects and techniques. Combining all forms of art from Cubism, Dadaism, and rock ’n’ roll to techniques from across Haiti, Africa, South America, and Jamaica, this catalog spotlights a unique artist while demonstrating how the medium of painting can truly be a universal language.


Richard Leydier is a journalist, an art critic, and the chief editor of Artpress magazine.