Taste Ye Back

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Presented with nostalgic childhood recipes that range from Ewan McGregor's bread-and-butter pudding to Ian Rankin's vegetable soup, Sue Lawrence has interviewed 70 prominent Scots and unlocked their beloved memories of food and growing up Celebrities as diverse as John Barrowman, Ewan McGregor, Gordon Brown, A. L. Kennedy, Maggie O'Farrell, tennis player Andy Murray, Alexander McCall Smith, and Gordon Ramsay take a nostalgic look at the recipes of their childhoods. Sue Lawrence talks to them about their families, their home, and their relationship with food. They reminisce about their mom's cullen skink, their dad's roast, and their granny's shortbread which Sue tests out and brings right up to date as only she can. With a mellow nostalgic tone running though the interviews and recipes, readers can't help but be inspired to make it how it used to be made. This insight into traditional Scottish food includes recipes for politician Menzies Campbell's smoked haddock pie, chef Nick Nairn's meatloaf, rugby player Gavin Hastings' kedgeree, and journalist Andrew Marr's gingerbread. Includes dual measures.


Sue Lawrence is the author of A Cook's Tour of Scotland, Scots Cooking, Sue Lawrence's Book of Baking, and Sue Lawrence's Scottish Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay cites her as one of his top three cooks, alongside Delia Smith and Jamie Oliver.