Chocolate Unwrapped

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Comprehensive listings of premium chocolate as well as delicious recipes round out this ultimate guide to the iconic food Today, sweetened chocolate confectionery has replaced "real" chocolate in many markets, but growing interest in sustainable farming, organic produce, and authentic flavors has led to a boom in high-quality products, increasing interest in the different varieties available, as well as awards for top producers. For true chocolate connoisseurs, this guide takes a detailed look at this most fascinating and desired food and explores the different varieties available worldwide. Just like wine, the taste of a chocolate will be affected by climate, territory, and manufacture, allowing different flavors to be identified and graded. As well as a history of chocolate and its enjoyment, a comprehensive directory provides readers with details of the best chocolate available in the world, how to identify individual features, and tips on storage and usage. A selection of classic chocolate recipes completes this mouthwatering survey of one of the world's most popular foods.


Sarah-Jane Evans is a wine and food writer, a founder of the Academy of Chocolate, and a Master of Wine. She writes for BBC Good Food, Decanter, and Olive.