Tales from a Hen Weekend

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It should be the happiest time of Katie Halliday's life—after four years together she's about to get married to Matt Davenport. They're the perfect couple and her family are determined to give them the perfect wedding. While Matt is off to Prague with the guys, Katie has arranged to spend her last days of freedom in Dublin with her mom, sister, and closest friends. But, fuelled by party games and too much Guinness, some strange secrets start to emerge. Katie's seeing a whole different side to her friends and family. But Katie is keeping some secrets of her own—and perhaps this weekend is not the best time for her to develop a serious case of pre-marital jitters. Especially when a hen night treasure hunt introduces her to Harry who easily wins item 3 on the list: Find a gorgeous man. It should be the happiest time of Katie Halliday's life. If she survives the next 48 hours. A perfect gift for any bride-to-be, this is the first book in the Tales From trilogy, which explores the key defining moments in women's lives