The Kuan Yin Oracle

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Kuan Yin, the Compassionate One or literally "the one who sees and hears the cries of the world," is the principal goddess in the eastern firmament. She is centuries older than the Christian Virgin Mary, but connected with her in that in most illustrations she holds a rosary, suggesting purification of the cycle of birth and death, and a willow branch, a symbol of Buddhist virtues. Kuan Yin's image can be found wherever there are Chinese or Japanese speaking people in the world—in homes, restaurants, workplaces, small urban temples, Buddhist, Taoist, and Shinto shrines—and the ritual of consulting her has brought solace, hope, and insight to countless people. It continues to be an integral part of the lives of tens of millions of people throughout the East today. Stephen Karcher's interpretation of this ancient text presents The 100 Poems of the Goddess, as relevant today as they were 1,000 years ago, leading the reader to answers to specific questions about family, professional success, travel, health, and love.


Stephen Karcher is an expert on the psychological and spiritual uses of divination. Besides translating the I Ching, he has authored titles such as I Ching Kit and Total I Ching.