Steven Tyler

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Steven Tyler is one of life's natural-born survivors. With an exhaustively vibrant personality, this dynamic lead singer has been one of the most distinctive figures in rock music for more than three decades. Raised in a close, loving family, Tyler survived a tough upbringing in the Bronx. His inherent passion for performing and a talent for playing instruments propelled him into rock music as a teenager. He fronted a succession of local bands before meeting the guys with whom he would form Aerosmith in 1970. Laura Jackson reveals the stories behind Tyler's relationships with band members and the many women in his life, his battle with Hepatitis C, and his drug-fueled meltdown during the late 1970s and early 1980s, when he was snorting pure heroin. She also explores his visits to rehab in the 1980s which saved his life. Tyler has lived a roller-coaster life of excess—spending over a million dollars on drugs—but is miraculously still performing.


Laura Jackson's other biographies include Bono: His Life, Music, and Passions; Jon Bon Jovi; Neil Diamond: His Life, His Music, His Passion; and Queen: The Definitive Biography.


"Laura Jackson is the queen of biographers."  —Daily Express

"When it comes to getting close to the rich and famous Laura Jackson is second to none."  —Sky TV