The Japanese Lover

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A breathtaking and absorbing saga set in Malaya and propelled by the superb storytelling of the author of The Rice Mother Parvathi leaves her native Ceylon for Malaya and an arranged marriage to a wealthy businessman. But her father has cheated, supplying a different girl’s photograph, and Kasu Marimuthu, furious, threatens to send her home in disgrace. Gradually husband and wife reach an accommodation, and the naïve young girl learns to assume the air of sophisticated mistress of a luxurious estate. She even adopts his love child and treats Rubini as her own daughter—a generous act that is rewarded by a long-wished-for son. But it is a life without passion, and Parvathi dreams of loving—and being loved—with complete abandon. When the Japanese invade Malaya, in World War II, they requisition the estate. Marimuthu dies and Parvathi is forced to accept the protection of the Japanese general who has robbed her of her home. For the first time, she experiences sexual ecstasy, and gradually, her sworn enemy becomes the lover she has always yearned for.


Rani Manicka's first novel, The Rice Mother, won the South East Asia and South Pacific Region Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, has been translated into 22 languages, and received international acclaim.