We Are Soldiers

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What is it like to drive a Challenger tank over desert terrain for six days in a row? Or hover an Apache AH1 attack helicopter a hundred meters above enemy ground? How quickly can a Sapper clear a field of unexploded devices, or build a bridge—or blow one up? What is it like to fix bayonets, and engage in hand to hand combat, or train a 5.56 mm SA80 sniper sight on an enemy soldier, and pull the trigger? How do you find out what a soldier must learn on his way to war? Ask him. In this extraordinary book, Danny Danziger interviews the people who fight our wars for us, providing a unique insight into the reality of what we ask of our armed forces. Groundbreaking and utterly compelling, We Are Soldiers takes the reader to the heart of the 21st century soldier's experience.


Danny Danziger has written 11 books on a range of diverse subjects. His last title, The Year 1000 was a bestseller. Danny has a weekly interview column in the Sunday Times.