Your Personal Success Quotient

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Ever wonder why certain situations seem to reoccur in your life? Do you find yourself consistently facing the same challenges with love, money, career, or relationships? Ever wonder why some areas of our lives seem to flow with an innate and natural ease while other seem to provide the same lessons over and over again? In other words, how did things get to where they are and what is the best direction for living intuitively and abundantly?  “Your Personal Success Quotient” helps you calibrate your personal GPS based on your innate (and many times hidden) talents, wisdoms, and motivations for greater and sustainable success and abundance. It enables you to better adjust to the unexpected, helping you select more favorable alternatives for exploration when dealing with road blocks and challenges: Career: Considering a job or career change? Deciding on an area of study or certification? Learn if you are in your best job, profession, or focus of education at the time or if you should you make a change. Love: If you're single, learn how to choose your best partner from the beginning. And if you are in a relationship, learn what you bring and what you need to create harmony and fulfillment. Money: Facing financial decisions? Recognize the best path for your financial future including insights into good fortune, staying the course, and most favorable timing for change. Talents: At a crossroads regarding your calling? Discover what you are naturally good at and how to utilize those talents for personal and professional success. Timing: Planning a big event or just addressing your to-do list? Recognize your most favorable days when planning your life and living your plan from setting a wedding date to going for that overdue check-up. Home: Do you feel comfortable in your own home? Learn how to find a home that resonates with you. Can’t relocate? Discover simple tips for establishing a favorable vibe in your current home. And much more. This book delves into the origins of your accomplishments and challenges through the ancient science of numbers known as Numerology with a modern and relevant twist. Through some simple calculations based on your official birth name and date of birth, learn why you attract certain types of people or situations * how others perceive you * how you love * how you subconsciously approach life * your innate (and many times hidden) talents * your calling and purpose. Life cycle and predictive aspects provide insights into the whys of your past and present, as well as take a peek into your future. So discover how your numbers have played a part in your successes and struggles.… and what you can do to improve your life.


Terri Weston, a professional numerologist and psychic, brings a modern day sense and sensibility to the ancient science of numbers - Numerology. “My life’s path to this work seems rather ordinary compared to many standards. I was not struck by lighting nor traveled across the world to reside in an ashram. I did not have a near-death experience nor overcome a chemical dependency. Although I respect and appreciate others’ unique journeys to their callings, yellings, and shouts, their stories are not mine.” Terri was raised in a household of traditional Catholicism. However, after a series of life-challenging events, her family pulled away from the church. Over time, she found that adhering to a more nondenominational spiritual practice and borrowing wisdoms from other traditions including meditation and present-moment practices only strengthened her relationship with her Creator. During some inexplicable, head-tilting experiences including a devastating divorce, a mid-life career change, and dealing with the challenges of care for her elderly parents, Terri found herself cursing her Creator. But as she says, “Hey, at least we were still on speaking terms.” During those times, her faith was both necessary and tested. It is when practices become more applications. In 2007, Terri met a psychic who mentored her in fine-tuning her gifts to use in helping others in the crossroads of their lives. She came to acknowledge insights that she wrote off as “coincidences” in the past and stepped into her spiritual gifts that she suppressed for many years. With a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California, Irvine and a background in Finance, Numerology immediately resonated with Terri. After numerous readings of friends and stranger alike (as well as running her own numbers), she was amazed by the relevance and accuracy of the results. In 2012, she founded and began hosting duties of LandFish Media’s web radio program, “The FishBowl”. Bringing spirituality to everyday reality, Terri and her guests provide practical perspectives using real-speak language in discussing “me-too” issues affecting one’s everyday life be it career, dating, relationships, family, health, and finances to name a few. Interviews provide applicable insights from guests with inspiring stories and universally practical messages applicable regardless of one’s vocation and religious wisdoms.” For more information about Terri Weston and Numerology, please visit