The Disappearance of Emily Marr

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A stunning story of secrets and scandal, identity and infidelity When Tabby Dewhurst arrives heartbroken and penniless on a picturesque, windswept island off the coast of France, her luck appears to change when she overhears a villager repeating aloud the access code to her front door. Hardly believing her own actions, Tabby waits for the woman to leave and then lets herself into the house. And so she enters the strange, hidden world of Emily Marr—or so her new friend introduces herself. Soon, however, Tabby forms suspicions about her new friend, suspicions that lead her back to England, and to revelations that will have explosive consequences for both of them.


Louise Candlish is the author of eight novels, including The Double Life of Anna Day, I'll Be There For You, and Since I Don't Have You.