Essential Shiatsu

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Shiatsu is the ancient Japanese art of finger pressure massage and, just like acupuncture, it aims to identify and treat the eight meridians of the human body by applying pressure and stimulation in order to treat a wide variety of ailments and lethargies. The eight meridians were known even in ancient times, but no one really knew fully their significance in putting right major imbalances. Here, experienced Shiatsu master Yuichi Kawada brings this ancient art up-to-date, fully explaining and illustrating the first-ever full mapping of the "new" meridians and offering instruction on how to stimulate them with hand pressure and stretching. The psychosomatic connection of illness is explained and the book features a comprehensive list of ailments and suggested Shiatsu treatments. Reassuring and inspiring case histories that show how the treatment has been effective in real life cases is also provided.


Yuichi Kawada grew up in a mountain village near Tokyo and learned Shiatsu from his father. Later he had formal training at the Nippon Shiatsu Institute in Japan. Stephen Karcher is an expert on the psychological and spiritual uses of divination. Besides translating I Ching, he has authored titles such as I Ching Kit and Total I Ching.