Being the Soham Psychic

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Dennis McKenzie was brought to the world’s attention following his involvement in the tragic Soham murder case. Making stunningly accurate predictions about the deaths of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, he was dubbed the Soham Psychic. Since then, Dennis’s expertise has continually been drawn on to help solve many horrific crimes, including the case of the BTK Killer—a serial killer who bound, tortured, and killed women in Witchita, Kansas and evaded the police for more than 30 years. An ordinary boy from a working-class background, Dennis never imagined his life would follow such an extraordinary path. From his first psychic sighting at the age of four to his traumatic prediction of a family friend’s death, Dennis shares the experiences that have defined his remarkable life in his typically frank and down-to-earth way. This is the fascinating story of how Dennis discovered his gift and how, with the help of his spirit guides, he has shared his psychic wisdom with the world.