Cocaine Confidential

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From those who grow the coca to the end dealers—the inside stories of the people involved in the world of cocaine smuggling

Cocaine is the world's most notorious narcotic. It underpins a vast, multi-billion dollar underworld with a dark and deadly side. But who really are the shadowy people behind this chilling network? The coca farmers, the jungle sweatshop workers, the smugglers, the suppliers, and, ultimately, the dealers who provide for the world's hundreds of millions of users. This book goes inside the lives of all these characters to reveal their stories for the first time. Along the way you’ll go inside a cocaine jail, meet hitmen, terror suspects, crooked politicians, bankers, coke barons, mules, hardened traffickers, and corrupt cops as the truth is unraveled in a roller coaster ride through the secret world of cocaine.


Wensley Clarkson is an author of real-life crime and conspiracy books, including Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned and Whatever Mother Says.