Ancient Egypt

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How did Ancient Egypt prosper for so long, and leave such a lasting effect?

For 3000 years a dominant force, Ancient Egypt is arguably the most successful and longest lasting human civilization yet. In this pacy guide, world-renowned Egyptologist Professor Barry Kemp seeks to explain why Ancient Egypt was able to thrive with such stability for such a long time. The answers may be surprising—Kemp shows that human rights and career progression played an important role, as well as the traditional forces of slave labor and religion. Taking a thematic approach, Kemp examines ancient Egypt's geography, rulers, society, morality, family life, art and architecture, military, science, philosophy, and religion. He then goes on to ask what happened to Ancient Egypt, and to point to its lasting influence today.


Barry Kemp is Professor in Egyptology in the Department of Oriental Studies at Cambridge University, and field director of the Egypt Exploration Society excavations at Amerna in Egypt. He was appointed a CBE in the 2011 New Year Honours for services to archeology, education, and international relations in Egypt.