Cue the Easter Bunny

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"Things get hopping for PI Grace Smith when she dons a bunny outfit to earn a little extra money handing out promotional items. While she's on the job, one of Grace's business cards falls into the hands of Della, a woman whose son, actor Jonathon Black, has been receiving threatening letters. Jonathon is married to television soap star Clemency Courtney, and Grace gets her foot in their door by telling the couple that Della has hired her to be a gardener for their estate. Grace, of course, knows nothing about plants (except how to cut them down), and the closer she gets to catching the villain, the worse the landscaping looks. A witty, wisecracking heroine who manages to bungle her way to solving the case; colorful characters; hilarious situations; and snappy dialogue all add up to a very fun read. This is the fifth title in the series for a writer called the British Janet Evanovich. Highly recommended."  —Library Journal (Starred Review)


Liz Evans has worked in all sorts of companies from plastic moulding manufacturers to Japanese banks through to film production and BBC Radio. She was born in Highgate, went to school in Barnet and now lives in Hertfordshire.