Brian Jones

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In this definitive biography of Brian Jones, Laura Jackson rejects the stereotype of a narcissistic rock star who was doomed to self-destruct In the author's quest to get to the truth behind Brian Jones' life and death, she spoke to the people who knew him best: his family and friends, girlfriends and confidantes, and the musicians and friends who lived and worked with him right up until the end in 1969. Jones emerges as a man of immense talent, energy, and humor, but crippled by insecurities and shyness—a portrayal greatly at odds with the sordid rumors that plagued him throughout his life. Jackson provides new testimony on the rivalries within the Rolling Stones and the bitter final split, together with telling details from the pathology and coroner’s reports, to tell the story behind the headlines and get to the heart of the mysterious death of Brian Jones.


Laura Jackson is a highly regarded biographer. She has published biographies of many rock and film stars including Bono, Jon Bon Jovi, Kiefer Sutherland, Neil Diamond, and Paul Simon.


"Well-researched . . . thoroughly explores the murder and manslaughter angles."  —Guardian"Laura Jackson is the queen of biographers."  —Daily Express