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John Browne, the CEO of BP for 12 years, invented the oil "supermajor" and led the way on issues such as climate change, human rights, and transparency. Here, Browne brings to life what he learned about leadership in a tough industry. His story encompasses the insights gained as he transformed a national company, challenged an entire industry, and prompted political and business leaders to change. He takes readers across the world on adventures that include going toe-to-toe with both tyrants and elected leaders, and involve engineering feats which in many ways rival those of going to the moon, and he shares his views on the true purpose of business and the leadership needed to tackle the grand challenges of the era. It is also a story of failure and human frailty as Browne reveals how his private and public lives collided at frightening speed in full view of the world, prompting his abrupt resignation as CEO of BP. This rich memoir is a refreshing, inspirational and human view of business and leadership.


John Browne (Lord Browne of Madingley) joined BP as a university apprentice in 1966. He was group chief executive of BP from 1995 to 2007, where he built a reputation as a visionary leader and was regularly voted the most admired businessman by his peers. He is now a managing partner of Riverstone LLC, an international energy private equity firm, a fellow of the Royal Society (UK), president of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and chairman of the Tate Gallery.


"Lord Browne exposes the political clout of a multi-national oil boss, hurtling between secret meetings with Russian oligarchs and the world's most powerful leaders. He nonchalantly grants cameos to Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, each at the height of their powers when he met them.  . . . above all, there is a sense that this hands-on deal-maker loved to be at the scene of the action, negotiating at the highest level in remote corners of the world."  —Telegraph