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The incredible story of the Battle of Nad Ali, drawing on parallels between the famous battle of Rorke's Drift, that inspired the film Zulu. Trapped in an isolated outpost on the edge of the Helmand desert, a small force of British and Afghan soldiers is holding out against hundreds of Taliban fighters. Captain Mark Evans, a junior British officer, has been sent to take command of the Afghan troops. Under brutal siege conditions, running low on food and ammunition, he experiences the full horror of combat.  As the casualties begin to mount and the enemy closes in, Evans finds both his leadership and his belief in the war severely tested. Returning home, he is haunted by the memories of Afghanistan.  He can't move on and his life begins to spin out of control. This book tells a compelling story of survival against the odds and the scars war leaves behind.


Mark Evans commissioned into the Coldstream Guards in 2004. From Nigeria to Brunei, Belize to Buckingham Palace, Evans had a diverse career, seeing active service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Returning from Afghanistan he was diagnosed with PTSD and left the army in 2010. Andrew Sharples is an author.