Emma's Luck

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Emma lives alone in a big farmhouse with her animals for company—she talks to her chickens, cuddles up to her pigs in the sty, and caresses her cows. But she also must make a living from her livestock, selling meat and making sausages. For Emma, it’s all part of a natural process, and she does her best to give the pigs a short and sweet death, having developed her very own way of killing her pigs most tenderly. For all her happiness on the farm, there are two things in Emma’s life she desperately wants—money to save her farm, which is deeply in debt, and a man. One night, she is woken by a crash. In her field, she finds a wrecked Ferrari. and in it, an unconscious man—with an enormous amount of cash. It looks like Emma’s prayers have been answered—but have they? Will the mysterious Max adapt to rural life, or will his past come back to haunt them?