The Now Show Book of World Records

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The Now Show Book of World Records boldly tackles all the superlatives that other books of world records avoid. It does this by means of making stuff up and scrupulously avoiding too much research, insight, or fact. Unless the fact is funnier. And legal to mention. Split into illuminating subject sections, categories will include Least Frightening Aliens, Longest Wait in NHS A & E department, Biggest Chin, Shortest Lived Pet, Most Pointless Public-Sector Job, Scariest GM Food Scare Story, Best Boxing Press Conference Threat, Dodgiest Election Result, Most Pointless Olympic Event, Least Enticing Theme Park, Silliest Dinosaur, Most Effective Wild Animal To Release Into The Big Brother House, Most Infuriating Time For MS Word to Crash, Most Pretentious Object Made By Damien Hirst, Crappiest Political Anti-Crime Slogan and more! With Marcus Brigstocke and Mitch Benn adding their own fine touches, this book promises to be as fascinating and engrossing as that other book on world records, you know the one, but much much funnier.


Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, and Jon Holmes are part of the writing team behind the ever-popular The Now Show broadcast on Radio 4. Their writing credits include The Mary Whitehouse Experience, Mock the Week, and strangely, The Imaginatively Titled Punt and Dennis Show.