How To Quit Without Feeling S**t

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This groundbreaking audiobook from the UK's leading spokesman on nutrition looks at why millions of people have cravings for substances such as coffee, sugar, and alcohol, as well to drugs such as sleeping pills, antidepressants, marijuana, and cocaine. It uncovers how the brain becomes addicted and how it can be "unaddicted" through a combination of diet, supplements, and lifestyle factors. The audiobook is written in association with Dr. David Miller, who has worked in the addiction field for 25 years and is an expert in relapse prevention. It looks at each of the most common substances that people become addicted to and offers specific advice on how to tackle that particular substance safely and effectively yourself. In-depth yet practical and accessible, How to Quit Without Feeling Like S**t, will allow you  to understand why you feel the way you do, whether you have a dependency or have already given up but still feel lousy. It includes an action plan for becoming addiction free—without suffering the deeply unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal that most addicts believe they must go through.


Patrick Holford is a nutritionist and the advocate of a nutrition-based approach to mental health problems. He is the author of more than 20 books on health, including The Holford Low GL Diet, The New Optimum Nutrition Bible, and Optimum Nutrition for the Mind.