A to Z of Almost Everything

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From abbreviations to the zodiac—now in its fifth edition, this reference continues its quest to fascinate, inform, surprise, and entertain This unique publication and monumental work of reference has become a must-have for any bookshelf, often cited as the arbiter in the settling of family disputes, always to be relied upon for a nugget of information on practically any subject of human endeavor. The music section encompasses more information than many specialist titles, cinema covers more than 2,000 films, history includes a detailed chronology of world events, geography lists world capitals, mountains, rivers, and lakes, while literature details the complete list of characters from Shakespeare, Dickens, and Austen. In this new edition, the original topics have been brought up to date and added to while eclectic new additions range from Beers of the World and Heads of State to Internet Top Level Domains and Cabinet Members through the Ages.


Trevor Montague has appeared on and won many TV game shows and founded the British Quiz Association.