Wild Swimming California
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The first two British Wild Swimming titles, by award-winning photographer and travel writer, Daniel Start, received rave reviews, earned travel bestseller status from The Economist, and have sold , copies (since / publication) in the UK.

With the publication of the Wild Swimming USA series, thousands of American nature lovers, city-dwellers and families looking for a fun day out have will be dipping a toe in the trend for wild swimming.

Featuring stunning freshwater swim-sites in rivers, creeks, swimming holes, lakes, waterfalls, and hot springs located throughout all regions and counties of California. This book is illustrated with beautiful photographs, detailed regional maps and information on individual swim-site locations, plus other leisure and outdoors activities in the area.

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Daniel Start spent his childhood river-swimming, dam-making and raftbuilding in Herefordshire. He trained as a natural scientist at Cambridge and at the age of was taken hostage in the rainforests of New Guinea. His first book, The Open Cage, described his time swimming and trekking with riverine tribes and freedom fighters there and won the Writer’s Guild Award for Non-fiction. He has spent the last five years documenting, photographing and exploring the wild waters of Britain and France.