Pure Package The Balance Diet

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From the founder of The Pure Package, the UK gourmet diet food delivery service, and author of the hugely successful The Diet for Food Lovers, comes this delicious collection of recipes designed to be healthy, nutritious, and quick. Ideal for people who lead busy lives but still want to eat and feel healthy, this book will provide all the tips, tricks, and know-how needed to whip up meal after meal with minimal fuss. Jennifer Irvine launched The Pure Package in 2003 from her kitchen, and the concept has grown to become an award-winning business while still maintaining the personal touch, which ensures its recipes are developed with real people in mind. Jennifer grew up on her parents' farm in Ireland, where she developed her passion for food, by cooking and growing fresh produce. Jennifer believes that you can reach your health goals while indulging in delicious, convenient food, and in this book she tells you how.


Jennifer Irvine has transformed the world of dieting and convenience food and helped thousands of people reach their health goals by launching the UK's original and best diet delivery service, The Pure Package. She is the author of The Diet for Food Lovers.