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Jamelia's inspirational account of how she rose to success demonstrates how others can escape from difficult circumstances to achieve their dreams. Jamelia has had a string of hits over the last decade such as Thank You, Superstar, See It In A Boy's Eyes, and Walk The Dog, winning numerous awards. As well as her music career, she has worked with AIDS charities and for PETA, and campaigned against gun crime, becoming a hugely inspirational figure. But her story has been anything but straightforward. She had a tough but happy upbringing, growing up in a crime-ridden area of Birmingham where for many the easy way out came through drugs or violence. But Jamelia chose a different path, and when she was signed up by a record company at just 15, a wonderful new opportunity was there for her. Eventually she released her first album at 19, Drama, and the single "Money" was a smash. Courageously, she then took a career break after having her first child. It wasn't until 2003 that she returned to record the album Thank You, which featured three Top Five singles and dealt with the positives she took out of her difficult relationship with the father of her daughter. With the birth of a second daughter she again took a break before returning with her third album, Walk With Me. Jamelia has always been involved in many things away from music, including promoting Oxfam and her own haircare range. Her extraordinary story is one that shows there is always a positive solution to any problem and will bring hope to those who fear there may be none.