Fathers 4 Justice

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Fearlessly honest and utterly irreverent, this narrative will appeal to anyone whose family relationships have been torn to pieces by divorce and the family courts system. 70,000 people a year go through the family courts, which is only the tip of the iceberg: countless uncles, aunts, and grandparents are denied contact with nephews, nieces, and grandchildren by the remorselessly biased British family court system. Over 40% of divorced fathers are forbidden to see their children within two years of the marriage ending. Many of them accumulate serious debt fighting for access in a court system that beats them by financial attrition if it fails to win the argument. The courageous team behind this account decided to fight back, executing some of the most audacious publicity stunts ever seen. Powder-bombing Tony Blair in the Commons and having Batman scale Buckingham Palace petrified the security services and made the "super heroes" world famous. Now the concept of "Fathers' Rights" has finally been recognized and long overdue reforms are being discussed. Find out how one man took on the fight for father's rights by taking on the government with just a handful of other dads, a ladder, and a lot of lycra.


Matt O'Connor is a freelance marketing consultant.