Golf on the Rocks

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This is a book about golf, families, and the beauty and sometimes inhospitable landscape of the Scottish islands. When Gary's father, James, died suddenly at the age of 58, his family was knocked sideways. After the initial grief passed, they started to think about what they could do to keep his memory alive. James was an excellent golfer and a demon with the putter, so Gary, along with his mom, brother, and sister decided to meet every year to have a round of golf in his memory. The prize for the craziest putt of the day would be James's "Magic Putter," kept by the winner for a year until the next round. Gary won the right to keep the putter for the first year, and then decided to take the memory of his father a little further—through 18 rounds on 18 different Scottish islands. Part-travelogue, part-memoir, this is a personal and humorous journey of remembrance and discovery across the beautiful isles.


Gary Sutherland is a journalist who has written for, among others, the BBC, Scotland on Sunday and the Sunday Times.