George Michael

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Despite being one of the most open and vocal pop superstars on the planet, George Michael is also fiercely protective of his privacy. From the formation of Wham! in 1981, this all-access biography uncovers the secret life of the pop star, following his skyrocket to fame and fortune through his solo career and up to the present day. Along the way Michael has been embroiled in several controversies—among them a court case with Sony; an arrest in a Los Angeles public toilet; minor run-ins over class-C drugs; and traffic offenses in London—but in a refreshing change from other superstars, he has been happy to address his issues head-on. The factors that formed the superstar as he stands today and his place as a cultural icon are addressed, as is his recent acclaimed worldwide tour.


Rob Jovanovic has written for numerous magazines including Mojo, Q, Record Collector, and Uncut, and is the author of several books, among them Big Star, Nirvana, and Perfect Sound Forever.