The Handmade Home

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Create, craft, and bake—a successful DIY blogger shows you how to make your house a warm and cozy home all year round

A love of home is Cherry's philosophy and at the heart of everything she does. Covering all aspects of homemaking and lifestyle from her own stunning house, Cherry Menlove presents a host of inspirational ideas to make your home feel special to you and your family. Including cookery, crafting, design, gardening, and reupholstery, this book shares Cherry's expertise at transforming a house into a warm and happy home. This beautifully illustrated book transports readers into a world of homemade luxury, covering everything from how to create a patchwork quilt to baking delicious cupcakes and hosting the perfect children's party. With 12 self-contained and easy-to-follow chapters, Cherry will show you that preparing for any occasion can be inspiring, adventurous, but most of all, simple. Includes metric measures and a conversion chart.


Cherry Menlove started writing her homemaking blog in 2006. She now is a craft columnist for Sainsbury's magazine and teaches baking classes, and her blog was featured in BBC Homes and Antiques magazine and on