My Life, My Way

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Sir Cliff Richard is one of the biggest-selling artists of all time, selling over 250 million records around the world since he burst onto the music scene in 1958. But how has he kept his appeal all these years? In a world fueled by drink, sex, and drugs, he is perennially attractive without any of those things that keep other singers' profiles high. Now, working with the highly acclaimed biographer and journalist, Penny Junor, Cliff is going to talk freely and frankly about what it is like to be Cliff. Inspirational, hugely talented, a much-loved household name, his story is extraordinary. Abridged.


Cliff Richard burst onto the rock 'n' roll world in 1958 with his hit single "Move It." He was then know as Britain's answer to Elvis Presley. He has starred in numerous hit films and is one of Britain's few enduring pop icons.