My Shed And How It Was Built

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A book for anyone who has a shed, a back garden, or a space big enough to put one up

This book offers those who may be thinking of building their own own shed practical constructional advice and use of materials; all of the sheds in the book have actually been built, and are not just ideas. It contains interesting stories about the shed owners and how they overcame problems or how they found unusual, cheap solutions (such as the use of old printing plates for roofing). Each shed, and its contents, gives an interesting insight into its owner's character.


Donato Cinicolo is a professional photographer. When living in an old 17th century building which required a lot of maintenance, he had to learn traditional skills like wattle and daub plastering. It proved to be both enjoyable and very satisfying, so much so that neighbors began asking Donato to build them a bespoke little building. Most of the techniques employed are traditional carpentry skills, mixed with some foraging. To date Donato has made more than a dozen sheds, three of which are in his own back garden.