In God We Doubt

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Today’s agnostics are scorned by believers for their failure to find faith, as well as by atheists for being hopelessly wishy-washy and weak-minded. But John Humphrys is proud to count himself among the agnostic ranks. In this candid memoir he charts the history of his spiritual life, from his Christian childhood through the years in which he prayed every day of his life until his growing doubts finally began to overwhelm his faith. In 2006, he challenged the leaders of three of the world’s biggest religions to prove to him that God does exist, all to no avail. Enthusiastic and honest, this intriguing study shows that while doubt is not the easiest option, if is often the only possible one for the millions who can find no easy answers to the most profound questions.


John Humphrys is a noted television and radio broadcaster and the author of Beyond Words and Lost for Words.