The Spider Truces

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Against the vividly described background of 1980s rural Kent, this moving portrait of a father-son relationship shifts effortlessly between evoking the terrors and joys of adolescence and the complicated pleasure and pain of being an adult. Ellis is obsessed by the spiders that inhabit the crumbling house where he lives with his dad, his older sister, and Great-aunt Mafi—and also by a need to find out more about his mother, whose death overshadows the family’s otherwise happy existence. From early attempts at relationships, to unskilled jobs, flat shares, and drug-addled nights on the beach, Ellis muddles his way towards adulthood. Meanwhile Denny, an ex-Merchant Navy man, bottles up his grief at the loss of his wife, refusing to talk about her.


Tom Connolly is a film maker and writer. His apprenticeship was in film production, working as a runner and camera assistant, before directing award winning short films for the cinema and for Channel 4 and the BBC. He is the author of Men Like Air.