The Cruelty of Lambs

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Acclaimed cellist Iain Millar becomes depressed at being unable to get another teaching job following allegations of sexual harassment in a Birmingham girl’s school. His wife, Una Carrington is a successful business woman and will do anything to get money. Iain sees himself as a failure and falls into a dark place where music is his only consolation. Una tells the world that she’s being abused by her husband, yet all is not what it seems. When his precious antique cello disappears he is devastated. Fergus O’Neal, a fellow string player, sets out to recover the instrument and discovers an unpalatable truth.


Angelena Boden is a graduate of Birmingham University. She spent 3 years working on the Shankill Road in Belfast training former paramilitaries to acquire new skills for the burgeoning tourism market in Northern Ireland. Angelena trained as a journalist in British Columbia before returning to the UK to study modern languages. She is the author of 3 business books and has a business column with the Isle of Man newspapers.