Never Mind the Sky Blues

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The ultimate quiz book on Coventry City Football Club is the perfect gift for Sky Blues fans of all ages. From the earliest days of Singers FC, to the glory-filled promotion years under Jimmy Hill; from cup shocks with Kings Lynn and Sutton United to winning the cup at Wembley. And from the 34 unbroken years of top-flight soccer to recent relegations, all Coventry City topics are covered here. This book will test your knowledge of all shades of Sky Blue history and is perfect company for long match-day journeys or simple trips down memory lane. If you know it, or think you know it, check it out in this ultimate quiz book to settle your Sky Blue scores.


Micahel Keane is the author of The Coventry City Miscellany and The FA Cup Miscellany. He has been a loyal Sky Blues fan for more than 30 years. Michael is a teacher.