Clare and the Great War

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More than 4,000 Clare men took part in World War I, and about 600 of them were killed, with many hundreds more injured physically and mentally by the conflict. Their experience of World War I in different theaters of war from the Western Front to Gallipoli is revisited, and includes first-hand testimony through letters sent home to friends and family and never before published. This seminal work examines how World War I transformed the economy and the political life of County Clare, and look at its enduring legacy , including how the contribution of those who fought and died in that terrible conflict were largely written out of history.


Dr Joe Power is an award-wining author and historian, whose PhD thesis was awarded in 2004 by NUI Galway for his history of Clare. He has published numerous book on aspects of Clare history, lectured in the Merriam Summer School, and was a contributor to the RTE Radio documentary on 19th Century Clare.