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More About This Title Terrified


Unwanted and unloved, Vicky arrives on the doorstep of foster mom Angela Hart clutching only a carrier bag of clothes that were old and too small. Desperate not to return to her mother, it soon becomes clear that there are many demons haunting the frightened little girl. Driving anywhere close to where she used to live would cause Vicky to freeze, sheer terror in her grey-blue eyes. Angela would soon uncover the horrific abuse Vicky had suffered at the hands of her mother and she became determined to help. Slowly Angela begins to make progress with Vicky and is thrilled to see her blossom. But then, out of the blue, Vicky receives some tragic news swiftly followed by a shock discovery about her father which threatens to throw her off course. Can Angela rescue this terrified young girl before it's too late?


Angela Hart is a foster mother who, along with her husband, has fostered more than 50 children over 27 years.