Life's Gripes

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Ok SO YOU picked up this book, novel or script - well whatever you choose to call it. And then You Ask yourself : who the hec is Jahlee ? What are all these gripes about? Well let me explain. Jahlee? That's me. And first thing you should know about me, I'm no writer- just a person who speaks the truth as she sees it and speaks her mind. I am a woman. Independent and strong - willed. Single. Never been married ( it's a choice thing ) . A mother who took pride in raising her son : her reason in ife for everything. My son is my pride, my joy, my laughter, my everything. Like every other human being, I have my troubles - health and otherwise - but I take life by the horns and run with it. My Moto is, no matter how bad things are with me someone else has it worse. So I thank the heavens for what I have been given, be it bitter or sweet, for Jah. ( god) knows best what makes life complete. Oh my age? I don't recognize that word nor do I respond to it. It's all in the mind you are as old as you feel. The trick is never let age seep into the body. I feel twenty-one, always twenty - one. Honestly I feel I'm ageless.!