Loyal to Empire

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Winston Churchill did not describe General Sir Charles Monro in the most glowing terms. Referring to Monro’s brave decision to recommend a withdrawal from the Gallipoli disaster Churchill said: "He came, he saw, he capitulated." Monro was one of a handful of senior officers selected to command a division in 1914 with the British Expeditionary Force and he also led a corps and army on the Western Front as the war progressed. After Gallipoli he was instrumental in supporting the war effort from India as Commander-in-Chief and was directly involved in the aftermath of the Amritsar massacre by Brigadier-General Dyer. His earlier life included distinguished service on the North-West Frontier and in South Africa and he was responsible for dramatically improving tactics within the army.


Patrick Crowley is a historian of and battlefield tour guide. He recently retired after 34 years’ service in the Queen’s Regiment, Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment and staff appointments. He has served in England, Northern Ireland, Belize, Gibralatar, Zimbabwe, and Iraq (where he was awarded the American Meritorious Service Medal). He is currently Deputy Colonel of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. His other works include A Guide to the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment and Loyal to Empire.