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Head in the air, feet on the ground, gardens, household objects, frogs, dogs, birds, kites and a host of other flora, fauna, rocks and stones find their place in the fertile mind of a poet, painter, sculptor and musician who has lived long enough to accumulate wisdom. The pleasures are both singular and collective: in the polished economy of phrase, form and the moments of surprise, and in the accumulating sense of entering a world that it is a privilege to share. Not least of the pleasures are the eight pieces of original artwork: ink, brush and pen drawings and collages that offer an alternative vision to the poems.


Painter, sculptor, Guyana Prize–winning poet and musician Stanley Greaves has enjoyed a 50-year career at the forefront of Caribbean arts. He is one of the Caribbean’s most distinguished artists with major exhibitions throughout the world. Born in Guyana, Stanley Greaves studied Art in the UK and was head of the Division of Creative Arts at the University of Guyana for several years. He left Guyana in the 1980s and lived in Barbados until a recent move to North Carolina, USA.