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This annotated bibliography continues and completes the earlier volume, Bibliography of the East India Company: Books, Pamphlets and Other Materials Printed Between 1600 and 1785. It traces the fortunes of the Company, following the India Act of 1784, through contemporary publications such as books, pamphlets, and maps. These detail the Directors' sometimes fraught relationship with the Board of Control and with Parliament, the gradual decline of the Company's commercial business, the loss of its trading monopoly, and the increasingly heavy burden of the administration of India by its civil and military servants, culminating in the Indian "mutiny" and the Company's dissolution. These printed sources also reveal the consequences for the Company and for India of contemporary social movements and behaviors, such as the rise of evangelical Christianity and the increasingly superior attitudes of British officials to the Indian population. The bibliography is arranged chronologically, with introductory explanations of the historical context relevant to each year. It is complemented by appendices listing the articles of charge against Warren Hastings, the individual contents of a number of compilations of documents relating to his trial, and a list of statutes relevant to the Company.


Catherine Pickett is a British Library curator who has worked for many years on the collections of the former East India Company and India Office Libraries.