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Ten world leading masters choose 100 contemporary chefs: Simple concept, yes - simple recipes, no. COCO is not your standard cookbook written with explicit details made approachable for the home chef, but rather an exhaustive look at the trendsetters and luminaries in modern gastronomy and what makes them tick.

Profiles of 100 up-and-coming chefs, as selected by ten master chefs: Ferran Adria, Mario Batali, Rene Redzepi, Alice Waters, Jacky Yu, Gordon Ramsay, Fergus Henderson, Shannon Bennett, Alain Ducasse, and Yoshihiro Murata are highlighted by beautiful photography of the chefs at work and their cuisine, along with representative menus of their restaurants and adjoining recipes. Over 500 recipes are included, drawn from around the globe, leading to perspectives and approaches one might not encounter ordinarily.

The professional chef will find this book as a great source of inspiration and an enjoyable read. While daunting in size (448 pages), the coffee table volume can be read more like a yearbook than a cookbook. Each profile is presented in a distinct manner, so an organized read from cover to cover is not required.

"Informative and fun."
"-The San Francisco Chronicle"

"Ridiculously impressive book highlighting future food stars as crowned by the industry's current masters."


Ferran Adria
Is recognized as the most influential chef in the world. His legendary talent, creativity and gastronomic innovations have inspired chefs and food-lovers around the world for many years, at the helm of the iconic restaurant El Bulli in Spain. He is also the author of A Day at El Bulli.

Mario Batali
Known on television from his many Food Network appearances for years, is the author of the celebrated cookbooks MOLTO GUSTO, MOLTO ITALIANO, ITALIAN GRILL, and SPAIN...A CULINARY ROADTRIP. Mario is the chef and owner of eight popular restaurants, the flagship of which is Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca, where he has seamlessly combined traditional principles with intelligent culinary adventure since 1998. The James Beard Foundation honored Babbo with the Best New Restaurant award and the New York Times gave it three stars, as it would Del Posto, another formal dining establishment. Batali also owns the Roman-style trattoria Lupa, the southern Italian seafood trattoria Esca, Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, the Spanish tapas bar Bar Jamon, the Spanish taverna Casa Mono, and the wine shop Italian Wine Merchants. In Las Vegas, he opened B and B Ristorante and the more casual Enoteca San Marco at the Venetian Hotel. He has also joined forces with Nancy Silverton for Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles and with Lidia and Joe Bastianich for Eataly in New York City. Batali lives in New York City with his wife Susi Cahn of Coach Farms and their two sons.

Shannon Bennett
Is passionate about food cooked at home and served at the family table. He believes a simple, shared meal amongst family and friends is at the heart of close relationships. My French Vue presents French cuisine that's easy to cook but doesn't compromise on flavour. The techniques are familiar, the ingredients can be found in local stores, and the instructions are simple to follow. Enjoy a family dinner of French Onion Soup, Coq au Vin and Raspberry Tart; or for a special dinner, Avocado Soup with Smoked Salmon Rillettes, Bouillabaisse Risotto and Honeycomb Souffle; and for a lazy, relaxed Sunday meal, Sardines on Toast or Eggs Cocotte with Peas and Bacon.

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