Upside Down Together - Book Two

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We met Patricia, better known as Ticksy in Book One of the Upside Down series. When she was known as Tricksy, her life was spiraling out of control. Tricksy was caught up in a web of intrigue, adventure, embezzlement, secrets, lies, and kidnapping which kept us spellbound right to the end. As Trisky's life turned around for the better, she preferred to be call Patricia. In Book Two, Patricia's story leads us to a better understanding of human nature, salvation, goodness, and the capacity to overcome obstacles with the help of genuine friends and a loving husband. Patricia had moved to New Haven to escape the brutal killing of Eddie, a man she was finally able to have feelings for. After Eddie's death, Patricia found herself in the mist of another scandal, embezzlement, getting herself kidnapped and learning about the killing of a prominent couple in New Haven who happened to be the parents of her new friend Jennifer. To save herself from going to jail, she agreed to help bring down the members of a gang of thieves who were embezzling money from a government project and later found to be responsible for the death of Jennifer's parents. Dejected and alone, Patricia met Traci who befriended her while she sat in a park. Traci encouraged Patricia to get into modeling too. Patricia's friendship blossomed with Traci as well as Jennifer Holman. Jennifer's husband Richard again appears in this episode of Upside Down Book Two. Richard becomes the savior and protector of his wife and her two best friends with the aid of his friend Steve. Patricia gets married to Richard's friend and co-worker, Steve Hamilton. All 5 of these characters (Jennifer, Richard, Traci, Patricia and Steve) become entangled in a terrorist hijacking, a frantic search for Patricia's real identity, a kidnapping of Patricia and Steve's newborn baby and the heart stopping search for a killer that would lead them to bringing down a high powered mobster boss. Patricia's story will keep you turning the pages right up to the end. Through it all, Patricia learns the true meaning of trust, friendship, family and love.


Celestine Capart is the author of Upside Down-Book One in this trilogy. This is Book Two of the Upside Down series. She enjoys her characters who often resemble real life people she has encountered in her travels. Celestine lives in Northern California. She enjoys spending time cycling, golfing, playing tennis, skiing, gardening, traveling stateside and abroad, as well as taking long walks with her mini poodle "Peanuts". Look for the final book in this series titled, Upside Down Again, coming early next year in 2016.